The Glocalis Way

The Glocalis Approach

Here at Glocalis, we don’t just simply love translations, languages and everything that wraps around them – we are truly, madly (and if you must, deeply) in love with them!

The work of localisation goes beyond merely words. Aside from capturing the essences of the original message’s meaning from one language to another (and we’re not even talking about the multilingual projects that we handle on a daily basis!), there run the likelihoods of misspelling, misconception, grammatical and even punctuation errors – yes, we take that extra step in being meticulous in everything we do and the projects that we handle for our clients.

It also reflects an understanding of culture and communication that transcends spoken words.

The difference between Glocalis and other translation agencies is that we strongly believe in the human touch of all that matters. We never miss a beat in meeting project timelines, but we go the extra mile by delivering beyond expectations. Besides quantitative, we often emphasize on the delivery of powerful, impactful words that truly, and in a way, ‘touch’ humans – in an emotionally provoking kind of way. We speak and write the words that every single soul can relate to, and we don’t just say it – we have the work to show it.

For any and all projects that we handle for our clients, we will typically sit through a pre-initialising kickoff meeting to understand all requirements and ensure that all personnel involved in the project are on the same page before the actual project commencement. This adds as an additional assurance measure (on quality, meeting requirement expectations) for our clients to rest assured in allowing us handle the project work for them.

Our clients have experienced the Glocalis Approach, and why shouldn’t and haven’t you? Feel free to reach out to us if you have any burning enquiries.